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Method: messages.sendInlineBotResult

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Send a result obtained using messages.getInlineBotResults.


silentBoolWhether to send the message silently (no notification will be triggered on the other client)Optional
backgroundBoolWhether to send the message in backgroundOptional
clear_draftBoolWhether to clear the draftOptional
hide_viaBoolWhether to hide the via @botname in the resulting message (only for bot usernames encountered in the config)Optional
peerUsername, chat ID, Update, Message or InputPeerDestinationOptional
reply_toInputReplyToIf set, indicates that the message should be sent in reply to the specified message or story.Optional
query_idlongQuery ID from messages.getInlineBotResultsYes
idstringResult ID from messages.getInlineBotResultsOptional
schedule_dateintScheduled message date for scheduled messagesOptional
send_asUsername, chat ID, Update, Message or InputPeerSend this message as the specified peerOptional

Return type: Updates

Can bots use this method: NO

MadelineProto Example (now async for huge speed and parallelism!):

if (!file_exists('madeline.php')) {
    copy('', 'madeline.php');
include 'madeline.php';

$MadelineProto = new \danog\MadelineProto\API('session.madeline');

$Updates = $MadelineProto->messages->sendInlineBotResult(silent: $Bool, background: $Bool, clear_draft: $Bool, hide_via: $Bool, peer: $InputPeer, reply_to: $InputReplyTo, query_id: $long, id: 'string', schedule_date: $int, send_as: $InputPeer, quick_reply_shortcut: $InputQuickReplyShortcut, );