# Method: messages.sendInlineBotResult

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Send a result obtained using messages.getInlineBotResults.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description Required
silent Bool Whether to send the message silently (no notification will be triggered on the other client) Optional
background Bool Whether to send the message in background Optional
clear_draft Bool Whether to clear the draft Optional
hide_via Bool Whether to hide the via @botname in the resulting message (only for bot usernames encountered in the config) Optional
peer Username, chat ID, Update, Message or InputPeer Destination Optional
reply_to_msg_id int ID of the message this message should reply to Optional
query_id long Query ID from messages.getInlineBotResults Yes
id string Result ID from messages.getInlineBotResults Yes
schedule_date int Scheduled message date for scheduled messages Optional

# Return type: Updates

# Can bots use this method: NO

# MadelineProto Example (now async for huge speed and parallelism!):

if (!file_exists('madeline.php')) {
    copy('https://phar.madelineproto.xyz/madeline.php', 'madeline.php');
include 'madeline.php';

$MadelineProto = new \danog\MadelineProto\API('session.madeline');

$Updates = $MadelineProto->messages->sendInlineBotResult(['silent' => Bool, 'background' => Bool, 'clear_draft' => Bool, 'hide_via' => Bool, 'peer' => InputPeer, 'reply_to_msg_id' => int, 'query_id' => long, 'id' => 'string', 'schedule_date' => int, ]);

Or, if you’re into Lua:

Updates = messages.sendInlineBotResult({silent=Bool, background=Bool, clear_draft=Bool, hide_via=Bool, peer=InputPeer, reply_to_msg_id=int, query_id=long, id='string', schedule_date=int, })

# Errors

Code Type Description
420 SLOWMODE_WAIT_X Slowmode is enabled in this chat: wait X seconds before sending another message to this chat.
400 CHANNEL_INVALID The provided channel is invalid
400 CHANNEL_PRIVATE You haven’t joined this channel/supergroup
400 CHAT_ADMIN_REQUIRED You must be an admin in this chat to do this
400 CHAT_RESTRICTED You can’t send messages in this chat, you were restricted
400 INLINE_RESULT_EXPIRED The inline query expired
400 INPUT_USER_DEACTIVATED The specified user was deleted
400 MEDIA_EMPTY The provided media object is invalid
400 MSG_ID_INVALID Invalid message ID provided
400 PEER_ID_INVALID The provided peer id is invalid
400 QUERY_ID_EMPTY The query ID is empty
400 RESULT_ID_EMPTY Result ID empty
400 USER_BANNED_IN_CHANNEL You’re banned from sending messages in supergroups/channels
400 WEBPAGE_CURL_FAILED Failure while fetching the webpage with cURL
400 WEBPAGE_MEDIA_EMPTY Webpage media empty
400 YOU_BLOCKED_USER You blocked this user
403 CHAT_SEND_GIFS_FORBIDDEN You can’t send gifs in this chat
403 CHAT_SEND_INLINE_FORBIDDEN You can’t send inline messages in this group
403 CHAT_SEND_MEDIA_FORBIDDEN You can’t send media in this chat
403 CHAT_SEND_STICKERS_FORBIDDEN You can’t send stickers in this chat.
403 CHAT_WRITE_FORBIDDEN You can’t write in this chat
-503 Timeout Timeout while fetching data
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