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You can contribute in various ways.


You can help by translating MadelineProto in your language.

To do this, head over to ».

Contribution guide

Here you can find this project’s roadmap.

You can use this scheme of the structure of this project to help yourself:

build_docs.php - Builds API docs from TL scheme file
        AckHandler - Handles acknowledgement of incoming and outgoing mtproto messages
        AuthKeyHandler - Handles generation of the temporary and permanent authorization keys
        CallHandler - Handles synchronous calls to mtproto methods or objects, also basic response management (waits until the socket receives a response)
        Crypt - Handles ige and aes encryption
        MessageHandler - Handles sending and receiving of mtproto messages (packs TL serialized data with message id, auth key id and encrypts it with Crypt if needed, adds them to the arrays of incoming and outgoing messages)
        MsgIdHandler - Handles message ids (checks if they are valid, adds them to the arrays of incoming and outgoing messages)
        ResponseHandler - Handles the content of responses received, service messages, rpc results, errors, and stores them into the response section of the outgoing messages array)
        SaltHandler - Handles server salts
        SeqNoHandler - Handles sequence numbers (checks validity)
        PeerHandler - Manages peers
        UpdateHandler - Handles updates
        Exception - Handles exceptions in the TL namespace
        TL - Handles TL serialization and deserialization
        TLConstructor - Stores TL constructors
        TLMethod - Stores TL methods
        TLParams - Parses params
        Login - Handles logging in as a bot or a user, logging out
        PeerHandler - Eases getting of input peer objects using usernames or bot API chat ids
        SettingsManager - Eases updating settings
    API - Wrapper class that instantiates the MTProto class, sets the error handler, provides a wrapper for calling mtproto methods directly as class submethods, and uses the simplified wrappers from Wrappers/
    APIFactory - Provides a wrapper for calling namespaced mtproto methods directly as class submethods
    Connection - Handles tcp/udp/http connections and wrapping payloads generated by MTProtoTools/MessageHandler into the right message according to the protocol, stores authorization keys, session id and sequence number
    DataCenter - Handles mtproto datacenters (is a wrapper for Connection classes)
    DebugTools - Various debugging tools
    Exception - Handles exceptions and PHP errors
    RPCErrorException - Handles RPC errors
    MTProto - Handles initial connection, generation of authorization keys, instantiation of classes, writing of client info
    Logger - Static logging class and - prime module (python) for p and q generation
    PrimeModule.php - prime module (php) for p and q generation by wrapping the python module, using wolfram alpha or a built in PHP engine
    RSA - Handles RSA public keys and signatures
    Tools - Various tools (positive modulus, string2bin, python-like range)

Check out our Contribution Guide on GitHub before contributing.


Created by Daniil Gentili, licensed under AGPLv3, based on telepy.

While writing this client, I looked at many projects for inspiration and help. Here’s the full list:






Thanks to the devs that contributed to these projects, and to MadelineProto itself, MadelineProto is now an easy, well-written and complete MTProto client.

Thank you for using MadelineProto <3

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