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Method: stories.togglePinned

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Pin or unpin one or more stories


peerUsername, chat ID, Update, Message or InputPeerPeer where to pin or unpin storiesOptional
idArray of intIDs of stories to pin or unpinYes
pinnedBoolWhether to pin or unpin the storiesYes

Return type: Vector_of_int

Can bots use this method: NO

MadelineProto Example (now async for huge speed and parallelism!):

if (!file_exists('madeline.php')) {
    copy('', 'madeline.php');
include 'madeline.php';

$MadelineProto = new \danog\MadelineProto\API('session.madeline');

$Vector_of_int = $MadelineProto->stories->togglePinned(peer: $InputPeer, id: [$int, $int], pinned: $Bool, );