Constructor: config

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Name Type Required Description
phonecalls_enabled Bool Optional Phonecalls enabled?
default_p2p_contacts Bool Optional Default p2p contacts?
preload_featured_stickers Bool Optional Preload featured stickers?
ignore_phone_entities Bool Optional Ignore phone entities?
revoke_pm_inbox Bool Optional Revoke pm inbox?
blocked_mode Bool Optional Blocked mode?
pfs_enabled Bool Optional Pfs enabled?
date int Yes Date
expires int Yes Expires
test_mode Bool Yes Test mode?
this_dc int Yes This DC
dc_options Array of DcOption Yes DC options
dc_txt_domain_name string Yes DC txt domain name
chat_size_max int Yes Chat size max
megagroup_size_max int Yes Megagroup size max
forwarded_count_max int Yes Forwarded count max
online_update_period_ms int Yes Online update period ms
offline_blur_timeout_ms int Yes Offline blur timeout ms
offline_idle_timeout_ms int Yes Offline IDle timeout ms
online_cloud_timeout_ms int Yes Online cloud timeout ms
notify_cloud_delay_ms int Yes Notify cloud delay ms
notify_default_delay_ms int Yes Notify default delay ms
push_chat_period_ms int Yes Push chat period ms
push_chat_limit int Yes Push chat limit
saved_gifs_limit int Yes Saved gifs limit
edit_time_limit int Yes Edit time limit
revoke_time_limit int Yes Revoke time limit
revoke_pm_time_limit int Yes Revoke pm time limit
rating_e_decay int Yes Rating e decay
stickers_recent_limit int Yes Stickers recent limit
stickers_faved_limit int Yes Stickers faved limit
channels_read_media_period int Yes Channels read media period
tmp_sessions int Optional Tmp sessions
pinned_dialogs_count_max int Yes Pinned dialogs count max
pinned_infolder_count_max int Yes Pinned infolder count max_type
call_receive_timeout_ms int Yes Call receive timeout ms
call_ring_timeout_ms int Yes Call ring timeout ms
call_connect_timeout_ms int Yes Call connect timeout ms
call_packet_timeout_ms int Yes Call packet timeout ms
me_url_prefix string Yes Me URL prefix
autoupdate_url_prefix string Optional Autoupdate URL prefix
gif_search_username string Optional Gif search username
venue_search_username string Optional Venue search username
img_search_username string Optional Img search username
static_maps_provider string Optional Static maps provider
caption_length_max int Yes Caption length max
message_length_max int Yes Message length max
webfile_dc_id int Yes Webfile DC ID
suggested_lang_code string Optional Suggested lang code
lang_pack_version int Optional Lang pack version
base_lang_pack_version int Optional Base lang pack version

Type: Config


$config = ['_' => 'config', 'phonecalls_enabled' => Bool, 'default_p2p_contacts' => Bool, 'preload_featured_stickers' => Bool, 'ignore_phone_entities' => Bool, 'revoke_pm_inbox' => Bool, 'blocked_mode' => Bool, 'pfs_enabled' => Bool, 'date' => int, 'expires' => int, 'test_mode' => Bool, 'this_dc' => int, 'dc_options' => [DcOption, DcOption], 'dc_txt_domain_name' => 'string', 'chat_size_max' => int, 'megagroup_size_max' => int, 'forwarded_count_max' => int, 'online_update_period_ms' => int, 'offline_blur_timeout_ms' => int, 'offline_idle_timeout_ms' => int, 'online_cloud_timeout_ms' => int, 'notify_cloud_delay_ms' => int, 'notify_default_delay_ms' => int, 'push_chat_period_ms' => int, 'push_chat_limit' => int, 'saved_gifs_limit' => int, 'edit_time_limit' => int, 'revoke_time_limit' => int, 'revoke_pm_time_limit' => int, 'rating_e_decay' => int, 'stickers_recent_limit' => int, 'stickers_faved_limit' => int, 'channels_read_media_period' => int, 'tmp_sessions' => int, 'pinned_dialogs_count_max' => int, 'pinned_infolder_count_max' => int, 'call_receive_timeout_ms' => int, 'call_ring_timeout_ms' => int, 'call_connect_timeout_ms' => int, 'call_packet_timeout_ms' => int, 'me_url_prefix' => 'string', 'autoupdate_url_prefix' => 'string', 'gif_search_username' => 'string', 'venue_search_username' => 'string', 'img_search_username' => 'string', 'static_maps_provider' => 'string', 'caption_length_max' => int, 'message_length_max' => int, 'webfile_dc_id' => int, 'suggested_lang_code' => 'string', 'lang_pack_version' => int, 'base_lang_pack_version' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

config={_='config', phonecalls_enabled=Bool, default_p2p_contacts=Bool, preload_featured_stickers=Bool, ignore_phone_entities=Bool, revoke_pm_inbox=Bool, blocked_mode=Bool, pfs_enabled=Bool, date=int, expires=int, test_mode=Bool, this_dc=int, dc_options={DcOption}, dc_txt_domain_name='string', chat_size_max=int, megagroup_size_max=int, forwarded_count_max=int, online_update_period_ms=int, offline_blur_timeout_ms=int, offline_idle_timeout_ms=int, online_cloud_timeout_ms=int, notify_cloud_delay_ms=int, notify_default_delay_ms=int, push_chat_period_ms=int, push_chat_limit=int, saved_gifs_limit=int, edit_time_limit=int, revoke_time_limit=int, revoke_pm_time_limit=int, rating_e_decay=int, stickers_recent_limit=int, stickers_faved_limit=int, channels_read_media_period=int, tmp_sessions=int, pinned_dialogs_count_max=int, pinned_infolder_count_max=int, call_receive_timeout_ms=int, call_ring_timeout_ms=int, call_connect_timeout_ms=int, call_packet_timeout_ms=int, me_url_prefix='string', autoupdate_url_prefix='string', gif_search_username='string', venue_search_username='string', img_search_username='string', static_maps_provider='string', caption_length_max=int, message_length_max=int, webfile_dc_id=int, suggested_lang_code='string', lang_pack_version=int, base_lang_pack_version=int}

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