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Author: Daniil Gentili

TL schema settings.

Method list:

  • needsUpgrade(): bool
  • upgrade(): void
  • getLayer(): int
  • setLayer(int $layer): self
  • getMTProtoSchema(): string
  • setMTProtoSchema(string $MTProtoSchema): self
  • getAPISchema(): string
  • setAPISchema(string $APISchema): self
  • getSecretSchema(): string
  • setSecretSchema(string $secretSchema): self
  • getOther(): array
  • setOther(array $other): self


needsUpgrade(): bool

Returns whether the TL parser should re-parse the TL schemes.

upgrade(): void

Signal that scheme was re-parsed.

getLayer(): int

Get TL layer version.

setLayer(int $layer): self

Set TL layer version.


  • $layer: int TL layer version.

getMTProtoSchema(): string

Get MTProto schema path.

setMTProtoSchema(string $MTProtoSchema): self

Set MTProto schema path.


  • $MTProtoSchema: string MTProto schema path.

getAPISchema(): string

Get API schema path.

setAPISchema(string $APISchema): self

Set API schema path.


  • $APISchema: string API schema path.

getSecretSchema(): string

Get secret schema path.

setSecretSchema(string $secretSchema): self

Set secret schema path.


  • $secretSchema: string Secret schema path.

getOther(): array

Get the value of other.

setOther(array $other): self

Set the value of other.


  • $other: array

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