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There are many ways you can login with MadelineProto.

Getting permission to use the telegram API

Before you start using MadelineProto with the Telegram API, you have to understand that Telegram strictly controls userbots created on their platform.

If you use MadelineProto or any other Telegram client, including official clients, for flooding, spamming, botting channels, you will be banned forever.

Due to excessive abuse of the Telegram API, all phone numbers that sign up or log in using even official or approved by telegram API clients like MadelineProto are automatically put under observation, and may get banned even if you did nothing wrong, simply because some internal flags are triggered in the telegram servers.

To avoid this, you must let telegram know that you will use your account with a userbot:
When or before you first sign up or login you have to send an email with the phone number to; explaining what will your userbot do.
DO NOT LIE, just tell them what will you do with the userbot you intend to create, asking them to not ban your account.

If your account does get banned, write to asking to unban it.

DO NOT ABUSE OF THIS OR ANY OTHER API FOR FLOODING; SPAMMING; BOTTING; the consequences will fall not only on you, but on all other users of this and other libraries, and even normal users.

There were cases when several normal user accounts that did nothing wrong were banned when telegram deployed a new spambot detection system: this is bad for the community, and it is bad for Telegram, so please do not abuse.


yield $MadelineProto->start();

This will start an interactive login prompt via console (if running via CLI), or a login web UI (if running in the browser).
You will get to choose if login as user, or as bot.

Manual (user)


Before logging in, you must obtain an API ID (if you’re using the automatic mode you don’t have to do this).
You can do that either by logging in to and getting your API ID/hash, or automatically, by using MadelineProto’s MyTelegramOrgWrapper API:

use danog\MadelineProto\MyTelegramOrgWrapper;

$wrapper = new MyTelegramOrgWrapper($settings);

yield $wrapper->login(yield $wrapper->readline('Enter your phone number (this number must already be signed up to telegram)'));

yield $wrapper->completeLogin(yield $wrapper->readline('Enter the code'));

if (yield $wrapper->loggedIn()) {
    if (yield $wrapper->hasApp()) {
        $app = yield $wrapper->getApp();
    } else {
        $app_title = yield $wrapper->readLine('Enter the app\'s name, can be anything: ');
        $short_name = yield $wrapper->readLine('Enter the app\'s short name, can be anything: ');
        $url = yield $wrapper->readLine('Enter the app/website\'s URL, or ');
        $description = yield $wrapper->readLine('Describe your app: ');
        $app = yield $wrapper->createApp(['app_title' => $app_title, 'app_shortname' => $short_name, 'app_url' => $url, 'app_platform' => 'web', 'app_desc' => $description]);


This wrapper allows you to automatically login to and create an app associated to the specified user (the specified phone number must be already signed up to telegram).

Async is handled exactly like in MadelineProto, with an async method that can be used to enable or disable async functionality.
The readline wrapper (see Async) can also be used with the the MyTelegramOrgWrapper API.

The constructor of the API is optional, and can be an array of MadelineProto settings: it can be used to set proxy info (only HTTP and SOCKS is supported for this).

After you provide an API ID, you can then login (if you’re using the automatic mode you don’t have to do this).

yield $MadelineProto->phoneLogin(yield $MadelineProto->readline('Enter your phone number: '));
$authorization = yield $MadelineProto->completePhoneLogin(yield $MadelineProto->readline('Enter the phone code: '));
if ($authorization['_'] === 'account.password') {
    $authorization = yield $MadelineProto->complete2falogin(yield $MadelineProto->readline('Please enter your password (hint '.$authorization['hint'].'): '));
if ($authorization['_'] === 'account.needSignup') {
    $authorization = yield $MadelineProto->completeSignup(yield $MadelineProto->readline('Please enter your first name: '), readline('Please enter your last name (can be empty): '));

First, you must call phoneLogin to send the verification code, see here for the parameters and the result.
Then, use completePhoneLogin to complete the login, see here for the parameters and the result.

Use complete2falogin to complete the login to an account with 2FA enabled, see here for the parameters and the result.

If the account does not have an account, use completeSignup to signup, see here for the parameters and the result.

Manual (bot)

yield $MadelineProto->botLogin('34298141894:aflknsaflknLKNFS');

Use botLogin to login as a bot, see here for the parameters and the result.

Note that when you login as a bot, MadelineProto also logins using the PWRTelegram API, to allow persistant storage of peers, even after a logout and another login.


yield $MadelineProto->logout();

If you want to logout, you can use the logout function, see here for the parameters and the result.

Changing 2FA password

$result = yield $MadelineProto->update2fa(['password' => 'current password', 'new_password' => 'New password', 'email' => '', 'hint' => 'ponies']);

If you want to change the password, you can use the update2fa function, see here for the parameters and the result.

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