Getting all chats (dialogs)

There are two ways to get a list of all chats, depending if you logged in as a user, or as a bot.

User: get_dialogs

$dialogs = $MadelineProto->get_dialogs();
foreach ($dialogs as $peer) {
    $MadelineProto->messages->sendMessage(['peer' => $peer, 'message' => 'Hi! Testing MadelineProto broadcasting!']);

get_dialogs will return a full list of all chats you’re member of, see here for the parameters and the result

Bot: internal peer database

foreach ($MadelineProto->API->chats as $bot_api_id => $chat) {
    try {
        $MadelineProto->messages->sendMessage(['peer' => $chat, 'message' => "Hi $bot_api_id! Testing MadelineProto broadcasting!"]);
    } catch (\danog\MadelineProto\RPCErrorException $e) {
        echo $e;

Since bots cannot run get_dialogs, you must make use of the internal MadelineProto database to get a list of all users, chats and channels MadelineProto has seen. $MadelineProto->API->chats contains a list of Chat and User objects, indexed by bot API id.

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