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Method: messages.sendMedia

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Send a media


silentBoolSend message silently (no notification should be triggered)Optional
backgroundBoolSend message in backgroundOptional
clear_draftBoolClear the draftOptional
noforwardsBoolOnly for bots, disallows forwarding and saving of the messages, even if the destination chat doesn’t have content protection enabledOptional
update_stickersets_orderBoolWhether to move used stickersets to top, see here for more info on this flag ยปOptional
peerUsername, chat ID, Update, Message or InputPeerDestinationOptional
reply_to_msg_idintMessage ID to which this message should reply toOptional
top_msg_idintThis field must contain the topic ID only when replying to messages in forum topics different from the “General” topic (i.e. reply_to_msg_id is set and reply_to_msg_id != topicID and topicID != 1).
If the replied-to message is deleted before the method finishes execution, the value in this field will be used to send the message to the correct topic, instead of the “General” topic.
mediaMessageMedia, Update, Message or InputMediaAttached mediaOptional
reply_markupReplyMarkupReply markup for bot keyboardsOptional
entitiesArray of MessageEntityMessage entities for styled textOptional
parse_modestringWhether to parse HTML or Markdown markup in the messageOptional
schedule_dateintScheduled message date for scheduled messagesOptional
send_asUsername, chat ID, Update, Message or InputPeerSend this message as the specified peerOptional

Return type: Updates

Can bots use this method: YES

MadelineProto Example (now async for huge speed and parallelism!):

if (!file_exists('madeline.php')) {
    copy('', 'madeline.php');
include 'madeline.php';

$MadelineProto = new \danog\MadelineProto\API('session.madeline');

$Updates = $MadelineProto->messages->sendMedia(silent: Bool, background: Bool, clear_draft: Bool, noforwards: Bool, update_stickersets_order: Bool, peer: InputPeer, reply_to_msg_id: int, top_msg_id: int, media: InputMedia, message: 'string', reply_markup: ReplyMarkup, entities: [MessageEntity, MessageEntity], parse_mode: 'string', schedule_date: int, send_as: InputPeer, );

Usage of reply_markup

You can provide bot API reply_markup objects here.

Return value

If the length of the provided message is bigger than 4096, the message will be split in chunks and the method will be called multiple times, with the same parameters (except for the message), and an array of Updates will be returned instead.

Usage of parseMode:

Set parseMode to html to enable HTML parsing of the message.

Set parseMode to Markdown to enable markown AND html parsing of the message.

The following tags are currently supported:

<br>a newline
<b><i>bold works ok, internal tags are stripped</i> </b>
<code>inline fixed-width code</code>
<pre>pre-formatted fixed-width code block</pre>
<blockquote>pre-formatted fixed-width code block</blockquote>
<a href="">URL</a>
<a href="mention:@danogentili">Mention by username</a>
<a href="mention:186785362">Mention by user id</a>
<a href="tg://user?id=186785362">Mention by user id</a>
Custom emoji: <emoji id="5368324170671202286">๐Ÿ‘</emoji>
Custom emoji: <tg-emoji emoji-id="5368324170671202286">๐Ÿ‘</tg-emoji>
<pre language="json">Pre tags can have a language attribute</pre>

You can also use normal markdown, note that to create mentions you must use the mention: syntax like in html:

[Mention by username](mention:@danogentili)
[Mention by user id](mention:186785362)
[Mention by user id](tg://user?id=186785362)

MadelineProto supports all html entities supported by html_entity_decode.