# Method: complete_phone_login

# Parameters:

Name Type
code A string with the phone code

# Return type: auth.Authorization or account.Password or ['_' => 'account.needSignup']

You must then use complete2falogin or completeSignup to login or signup, or simply start using $MadelineProto if the result is a auth.Authorization object.

# Example (now fully async!):

yield $MadelineProto->phoneLogin(readline('Enter your phone number: '));
$authorization = yield $MadelineProto->completePhoneLogin(readline('Enter the code you received: '));
if ($authorization['_'] === 'account.noPassword') {
    throw new \danog\MadelineProto\Exception('2FA is enabled but no password is set!');
if ($authorization['_'] === 'account.password') {
    $authorization = yield $MadelineProto->complete2falogin(readline('Please enter your password (hint '.$authorization['hint'].'): '));
if ($authorization['_'] === 'account.needSignup') {
    $authorization = yield $MadelineProto->completeSignup(readline('Please enter your first name: '), readline('Please enter your last name (can be empty): '));

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