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Author: Daniil Gentili

Connection settings.

Method list:

  • getProtocol(): string
  • setProtocol(class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoBufferInterface> $protocol): self
  • getIpv6(): bool
  • setIpv6(bool $ipv6): self
  • getSslSubdomains(): array
  • setSslSubdomains(array $sslSubdomains): self
  • getMinMediaSocketCount(): int
  • setMinMediaSocketCount(int $minMediaSocketCount): self
  • getMaxMediaSocketCount(): int
  • setMaxMediaSocketCount(int $maxMediaSocketCount): self
  • getRobinPeriod(): int
  • setRobinPeriod(int $robinPeriod): self
  • getDefaultDc(): int
  • getDefaultDcParams(): array
  • setDefaultDc(int $defaultDc): self
  • getProxies(): array
  • addProxy(class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\StreamInterface> $proxy, array $extra): self
  • setProxy(array $proxies): self
  • clearProxies(): self
  • removeProxy(string $proxy, array $extra): self
  • getObfuscated(): bool
  • setObfuscated(bool $obfuscated): self
  • getTestMode(): bool
  • setTestMode(bool $testMode): self
  • getTransport(): class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\RawStreamInterface>
  • setTransport(class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\RawStreamInterface> $transport): self
  • getRetry(): bool
  • setRetry(bool $retry): self
  • getTimeout(): int
  • setTimeout(int $timeout): self
  • getPingInterval(): int
  • setPingInterval(int $pingInterval): self
  • getUseDoH(): bool
  • setUseDoH(bool $useDoH): self
  • getBindTo(): ?string
  • setBindTo(?string $bindTo): self


getProtocol(): string

Get protocol identifier.

setProtocol(class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoBufferInterface> $protocol): self

Set protocol identifier. Available MTProto transport protocols (smaller overhead is better):

  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoTransport\AbridgedStream: Lightest protocol available

    • Overhead: Very small
    • Minimum envelope length: 1 byte (length)
    • Maximum envelope length: 4 bytes (length)
  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoTransport\IntermediateStream: I guess they like having multiple protocols

    • Overhead: small
    • Minimum envelope length: 4 bytes (length)
    • Maximum envelope length: 4 bytes (length)
  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoTransport\IntermediatePaddedStream: Padded version of the intermediate protocol, to use with obfuscation enabled to bypass ISP blocks

    • Overhead: small-medium
    • Minimum envelope length: random
    • Maximum envelope length: random
  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoTransport\FullStream: The basic MTProto transport protocol

    • Overhead: medium

    • Minimum envelope length: 12 bytes (length+seqno+crc)

    • Maximum envelope length: 12 bytes (length+seqno+crc)

    • Pros:

    • Initial integrity check with crc32

    • Transport sequence number check

    • Cons:

    • Initial integrity check with crc32 is not that useful since the TCP protocol already uses it internally

    • Transport sequence number check is also not that useful since transport sequence numbers are not encrypted and thus cannot be used to avoid replay attacks, and MadelineProto already uses MTProto sequence numbers and message ids for that.

  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoTransport\HttpStream: MTProto over HTTP for browsers and webhosts

    • Overhead: medium
    • Pros:
    • Can be used on restricted webhosts or browsers
    • Cons:
    • Very big envelope length
  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoTransport\HttpsStream: MTProto over HTTPS for browsers and webhosts, very secure

    • Overhead: high
    • Pros:
    • Can be used on restricted webhosts or browsers
    • Provides an additional layer of security by trasmitting data over TLS
    • Integrity checks with HMAC built into TLS
    • Sequence number checks built into TLS
    • Cons:
    • Very big envelope length
    • Requires an additional round of encryption


  • $protocol: class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoBufferInterface> Protocol identifier

See also:

  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoBufferInterface

getIpv6(): bool

Get whether to use ipv6.

setIpv6(bool $ipv6): self

Set whether to use ipv6.


  • $ipv6: bool Whether to use ipv6

getSslSubdomains(): array

Get subdomains of for https protocol.

setSslSubdomains(array $sslSubdomains): self

Set subdomains of for https protocol.


  • $sslSubdomains: array Subdomains of for https protocol.

getMinMediaSocketCount(): int

Get minimum media socket count.

setMinMediaSocketCount(int $minMediaSocketCount): self

Set minimum media socket count.


  • $minMediaSocketCount: int Minimum media socket count.

getMaxMediaSocketCount(): int

Get maximum media socket count.

setMaxMediaSocketCount(int $maxMediaSocketCount): self

Set maximum media socket count.


  • $maxMediaSocketCount: int Maximum media socket count.

getRobinPeriod(): int

Get robin period (seconds).

setRobinPeriod(int $robinPeriod): self

Set robin period (seconds).


  • $robinPeriod: int Robin period (seconds).

getDefaultDc(): int

Get default DC ID.

getDefaultDcParams(): array

Get default DC params.

setDefaultDc(int $defaultDc): self

Set default DC ID.


  • $defaultDc: int Default DC ID.

getProxies(): array

Get proxy identifiers.

Fully typed return value:

array<class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\StreamInterface>, array>

See also:

  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\StreamInterface

addProxy(class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\StreamInterface> $proxy, array $extra): self

Add proxy identifier to list, one of:.

  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\MTProtoTransport\ObfuscatedStream::class
  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\Proxy\HttpProxy::class
  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\Proxy\SocksProxy::class


  • $proxy: class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\StreamInterface> Proxy identifier
  • $extra: array Extra

See also:

  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\StreamInterface

setProxy(array $proxies): self

Set proxies.


  • $proxies: array Proxies

clearProxies(): self

Clear proxies.

removeProxy(string $proxy, array $extra): self

Remove specific proxy pair.


  • $proxy: string
  • $extra: array

getObfuscated(): bool

Get whether to use the obfuscated protocol: useful to bypass ISP blocks.

setObfuscated(bool $obfuscated): self

Set whether to use the obfuscated protocol: useful to bypass ISP blocks.


  • $obfuscated: bool Whether to use the obfuscated protocol.

getTestMode(): bool

Get whether we’re in test mode.

setTestMode(bool $testMode): self

Set whether we’re in test mode.


  • $testMode: bool Whether we’re in test mode.

getTransport(): class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\RawStreamInterface>

Get transport identifier.

See also:

  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\RawStreamInterface

setTransport(class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\RawStreamInterface> $transport): self

Sets the transport protocol to use when connecting to telegram. Not supported by HTTP and HTTPS protocols, obfuscation must be enabled.

  • danog\MadelineProto\Stream\Transport: Default TCP transport
  • danog\MadelineProto\Stream\WsTransport: Plain websocket transport
  • danog\MadelineProto\Stream\WssTransport: TLS websocket transport


  • $transport: class-string<\danog\MadelineProto\Stream\RawStreamInterface> Transport identifier.

See also:

  • \danog\MadelineProto\Stream\RawStreamInterface

getRetry(): bool

Get whether to retry connection.

setRetry(bool $retry): self

Set whether to retry connection.


  • $retry: bool Whether to retry connection.

getTimeout(): int

Get connection timeout.

setTimeout(int $timeout): self

Set connection timeout.


  • $timeout: int Connection timeout.

getPingInterval(): int

Get ping interval.

setPingInterval(int $pingInterval): self

Set ping interval.


  • $pingInterval: int Ping interval

getUseDoH(): bool

Get whether to use DNS over HTTPS.

setUseDoH(bool $useDoH): self

Set whether to use DNS over HTTPS.


  • $useDoH: bool Whether to use DNS over HTTPS

getBindTo(): ?string

Get bind on specific address and port.

setBindTo(?string $bindTo): self

Set bind on specific address and port.


  • $bindTo: ?string Bind on specific address and port.

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