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Author: Daniil Gentili

Represents a wallpaper.


  • $id: int Identifier
  • $accessHash: int Access hash
  • $creator: bool Whether we created this wallpaper
  • $default: bool Whether this is the default wallpaper
  • $pattern: bool Whether this is a pattern wallpaper
  • $dark: bool Whether this wallpaper should be used in dark mode.
  • $uniqueId: string Unique wallpaper ID, used when generating wallpaper links or importing wallpaper links.
  • $media: \DocumentPhoto The actual wallpaper
  • $settings: mixed Info on how to generate the wallpaper, according to these instructions.

Method list:


__construct(\danog\MadelineProto\MTProto $API, array $rawWallpaper)


  • $API: \danog\MadelineProto\MTProto
  • $rawWallpaper: array

See also:

  • \danog\MadelineProto\MTProto

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