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Author: Daniil Gentili

Represents a custom emoji sticker.


  • $free: bool Whether this custom emoji can be sent by non-Premium users
  • $textColor: bool Whether the color of this TGS custom emoji should be changed to the text color when used in messages, the accent color if used as emoji status, white on chat photos, or another appropriate color based on context.
  • $emoji: string Emoji representation of sticker
  • $stickerset: array Associated stickerset
  • $width: int
  • $height: int
  • $size: int Media filesize
  • $fileName: string Media file name
  • $fileExt: string Media file extension
  • $creationDate: int Media creation date
  • $mimeType: string Media MIME type
  • $ttl: ?int Time-to-live of media
  • $thumbs: list<array> Thumbnails
  • $videoThumbs: list<array> Video thumbnails
  • $spoiler: bool Whether the media should be hidden behind a spoiler
  • $botApiFileId: string File ID in bot API format (always present even for users)
  • $botApiFileUniqueId: string Unique file ID in bot API format (always present even for users)
  • $protected: bool Whether this media is protected

Method list:


Gets a download link for any file up to 4GB.


  • $scriptUrl: string|null Optional path to custom download script (not needed when running via web)

getStream(callable|null $cb = NULL, int $offset = 0, int $end = -1): \Amp\ByteStream\ReadableStream

Get a readable amp stream with the file contents.


  • $cb: callable|null Progress callback
  • $offset: int
  • $end: int

See also:

  • \Amp\ByteStream\ReadableStream

downloadToDir(?string $path = NULL): string

Download the media to working directory or passed path.


  • $path: ?string

downloadToFile(string $path): string

Download the media to file.


  • $path: string

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