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Author: Daniil Gentili

Represents a photo.


  • $hasStickers: bool If true; the current media has attached mask stickers.
  • $size: int Media filesize
  • $fileName: string Media file name
  • $fileExt: string Media file extension
  • $creationDate: int Media creation date
  • $mimeType: string Media MIME type
  • $ttl: ?int Time-to-live of media
  • $thumbs: list<array> Thumbnails
  • $videoThumbs: list<array> Video thumbnails
  • $spoiler: bool Whether the media should be hidden behind a spoiler
  • $botApiFileId: string File ID in bot API format (always present even for users)
  • $botApiFileUniqueId: string Unique file ID in bot API format (always present even for users)
  • $protected: bool Whether this media is protected

Method list:


Gets a download link for any file up to 4GB.


  • $scriptUrl: string|null Optional path to custom download script (not needed when running via web)

getStream(callable|null $cb = NULL, int $offset = 0, int $end = -1): \Amp\ByteStream\ReadableStream

Get a readable amp stream with the file contents.


  • $cb: callable|null Progress callback
  • $offset: int
  • $end: int

See also:

  • \Amp\ByteStream\ReadableStream

downloadToDir(?string $path = NULL): string

Download the media to working directory or passed path.


  • $path: ?string

downloadToFile(string $path): string

Download the media to file.


  • $path: string

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