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MadelineProto can do everything official clients can do, and more!

  • It allows you to do everything official clients can do, programmatically!

  • It is fully async!

  • It can make phone calls! See here for instructions

  • It can be proxied (MTProxy, HTTP, socks5 and more)!

  • It is very fast!

  • It can be easily serialized!

  • It featured update handling with callbacks or long polling!

  • Easy to use wrappers to upload/download files and call mtproto methods

  • Documentation for EVERY mtproto method!

  • Internal peer management: you can provide a simple bot API chat id or a username to send a message or to call other mtproto methods!

  • You can easily login as a user (2FA is supported) or as a bot!

  • Simple error handling!

  • It is highly customizable with a lot of different settings!

  • Bot API file id/object support (even for users)!

  • A Lua binding

  • A lua wrapper for td-cli scripts

  • Secret chats

  • MTProto 2.0

  • PFS

  • PFS in secret chats

  • Clickable inline buttons!

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