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Author: Daniil Gentili

Represents a privacy rule.


  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::STATUS_TIMESTAMP: Whether we can see the last online timestamp of this user

  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::CHAT_INVITE: Whether the user can be invited to chats

  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::PHONE_CALL: Whether the user accepts phone calls

  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::PHONE_P2P: Whether P2P connections in phone calls with this user are allowed

  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::FORWARDS: Whether messages forwarded from the user will be anonymously forwarded

  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::PROFILE_PHOTO: Whether the profile picture of the user is visible

  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::PHONE_NUMBER: Whether the user allows us to see his phone number

  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::ADDED_BY_PHONE: Whether this user can be added to our contact list by their phone number

  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::VOICE_MESSAGES: Whether the user accepts voice messages

  • danog\MadelineProto\EventHandler\Privacy\Rule::ABOUT: Whether the user can see our bio.


  • $name: string
  • $value: string

Method list:


cases(): array

from(string|int $value): static


  • $value: string|int

tryFrom(string|int $value): ?static


  • $value: string|int

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