Constructor: channelFull

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Full info about a channel/supergroup


Name Type Required Description
can_view_participants Bool Optional Can we vew the participant list?
can_set_username Bool Optional Can we set the channel’s username?
can_set_stickers Bool Optional Can we associate a stickerpack to the supergroup?
hidden_prehistory Bool Optional Is the history before we joined hidden to us?
can_set_location Bool Optional Can we set the geolocation of this group (for geogroups)
has_scheduled Bool Optional Whether scheduled messages are available
can_view_stats Bool Optional Can the user view channel statistics for this channel
id int Yes ID of the channel
about string Yes Info about the channel
participants_count int Optional Number of participants of the channel
admins_count int Optional Number of channel admins
kicked_count int Optional Number of users kicked from the channel
banned_count int Optional Number of users banned from the channel
online_count int Optional Number of users currently online
read_inbox_max_id int Yes Position up to which all incoming messages are read.
read_outbox_max_id int Yes Position up to which all outgoing messages are read.
unread_count int Yes Count of unread messages
chat_photo Photo Optional Channel picture
notify_settings PeerNotifySettings Yes Notification settings
exported_invite ExportedChatInvite Yes Invite link
bot_info Array of BotInfo Yes Info about bots in the channel/supergrup
migrated_from_chat_id int Optional The chat ID from which this group was migrated
migrated_from_max_id int Optional The message ID in the original chat at which this group was migrated
pinned_msg_id int Optional Message ID of the pinned message
stickerset StickerSet Optional Associated stickerset
available_min_id int Optional Identifier of a maximum unavailable message in a channel due to hidden history.
folder_id int Optional Peer folder ID, for more info click here
linked_chat_id int Optional ID of the linked discussion chat for channels
location ChannelLocation Optional Location of the geogroup
slowmode_seconds int Optional If specified, users in supergroups will only be able to send one message every slowmode_seconds seconds
slowmode_next_send_date int Optional Indicates when the user will be allowed to send another message in the supergroup (unixdate)
stats_dc int Optional If set, specifies the DC to use for fetching channel statistics
pts int Yes Latest PTS for this channel

Type: ChatFull


$channelFull = ['_' => 'channelFull', 'can_view_participants' => Bool, 'can_set_username' => Bool, 'can_set_stickers' => Bool, 'hidden_prehistory' => Bool, 'can_set_location' => Bool, 'has_scheduled' => Bool, 'can_view_stats' => Bool, 'id' => int, 'about' => 'string', 'participants_count' => int, 'admins_count' => int, 'kicked_count' => int, 'banned_count' => int, 'online_count' => int, 'read_inbox_max_id' => int, 'read_outbox_max_id' => int, 'unread_count' => int, 'chat_photo' => Photo, 'notify_settings' => PeerNotifySettings, 'exported_invite' => ExportedChatInvite, 'bot_info' => [BotInfo, BotInfo], 'migrated_from_chat_id' => int, 'migrated_from_max_id' => int, 'pinned_msg_id' => int, 'stickerset' => StickerSet, 'available_min_id' => int, 'folder_id' => int, 'linked_chat_id' => int, 'location' => ChannelLocation, 'slowmode_seconds' => int, 'slowmode_next_send_date' => int, 'stats_dc' => int, 'pts' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

channelFull={_='channelFull', can_view_participants=Bool, can_set_username=Bool, can_set_stickers=Bool, hidden_prehistory=Bool, can_set_location=Bool, has_scheduled=Bool, can_view_stats=Bool, id=int, about='string', participants_count=int, admins_count=int, kicked_count=int, banned_count=int, online_count=int, read_inbox_max_id=int, read_outbox_max_id=int, unread_count=int, chat_photo=Photo, notify_settings=PeerNotifySettings, exported_invite=ExportedChatInvite, bot_info={BotInfo}, migrated_from_chat_id=int, migrated_from_max_id=int, pinned_msg_id=int, stickerset=StickerSet, available_min_id=int, folder_id=int, linked_chat_id=int, location=ChannelLocation, slowmode_seconds=int, slowmode_next_send_date=int, stats_dc=int, pts=int}

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