Constructor: PWRTelegram chat


Name Type Required Description
type string Yes bot, user, channel, supergroup or chat
id long Yes bot API chat id
access_hash long Optional access hash of peer
first_name string Optional First name of the user
last_name string Optional Last name of the user
lang_code string Optional Language of the user
username string Optional Username
verified Bool Optional Is the peer official?
restricted Bool Optional Is the peer restricted to the current user?
restriction_reason string Optional Restriction reason
status UserStatus Optional Describes last time user was online
bot_inline_placeholder string Optional Inline placeholder of inline bot
bot_nochats Bool Optional Can the bot be added to a group
about string Optional Description of supergroups/channels or bios of users
bot_info BotInfo Optional Bot info of bots
phone_calls_available Bool Optional Are phone calls available for that user?
phone_calls_private Bool Optional  
common_chats_count int Optional Number of chats in common with that user
photo string Optional bot API file object the profile picture
title string Optional Chat title
participants_count int Optional Number of participants in the chat.
kicked_count int Optional Number of users kicked from the chat.
admin_count int Optional Number of admins in the chat.
admin Bool Optional Are you an admin in this chat?
all_members_are_administrators Bool Optional True if a group has ‘All Members Are Admins’ enabled.
invite string Optional Invite link of the chat
participants Array of Participant Yes Chat participants
democracy Bool Optional Can everyone add users to this chat?
signatures Bool Optional Are channel signatures enabled?
can_view_participants Bool Optional Can you view participants (you can still view the bots in channels even if this is false)
can_set_username Bool Optional Can you set the username of this channel/supergroup?
can_set_stickers Bool Optional Can you set the associated stickerpack of this channel/supergroup?
stickerset StickerSet Optional StickerSet associtaed to this channel/supergroup
migrated_from_chat_id int Optional MTProto chat id of the original chat (render it negative to make it a bot API chat id)
migrated_from_max_id int Optional Last message id before migration
pinned_msg_id int Optional Message id of pinned message
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