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Constructor: PWRTelegram chat


typestringYesbot, user, channel, supergroup or chat
idlongYesbot API chat id
access_hashlongOptionalaccess hash of peer
first_namestringOptionalFirst name of the user
last_namestringOptionalLast name of the user
lang_codestringOptionalLanguage of the user
verifiedBoolOptionalIs the peer official?
restrictedBoolOptionalIs the peer restricted to the current user?
restriction_reasonstringOptionalRestriction reason
statusUserStatusOptionalDescribes last time user was online
bot_inline_placeholderstringOptionalInline placeholder of inline bot
bot_nochatsBoolOptionalCan the bot be added to a group
aboutstringOptionalDescription of supergroups/channels or bios of users
bot_infoBotInfoOptionalBot info of bots
phone_calls_availableBoolOptionalAre phone calls available for that user?
common_chats_countintOptionalNumber of chats in common with that user
photostringOptionalbot API file object the profile picture
titlestringOptionalChat title
participants_countintOptionalNumber of participants in the chat.
kicked_countintOptionalNumber of users kicked from the chat.
admin_countintOptionalNumber of admins in the chat.
adminBoolOptionalAre you an admin in this chat?
all_members_are_administratorsBoolOptionalTrue if a group has ‘All Members Are Admins’ enabled.
invitestringOptionalInvite link of the chat
participantsArray of ParticipantYesChat participants
democracyBoolOptionalCan everyone add users to this chat?
signaturesBoolOptionalAre channel signatures enabled?
can_view_participantsBoolOptionalCan you view participants (you can still view the bots in channels even if this is false)
can_set_usernameBoolOptionalCan you set the username of this channel/supergroup?
can_set_stickersBoolOptionalCan you set the associated stickerpack of this channel/supergroup?
stickersetStickerSetOptionalStickerSet associtaed to this channel/supergroup
migrated_from_chat_idintOptionalMTProto chat id of the original chat (render it negative to make it a bot API chat id)
migrated_from_max_idintOptionalLast message id before migration
pinned_msg_idintOptionalMessage id of pinned message