Type: InputUser

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You can directly provide the Update or Message object here, MadelineProto will automatically extract the destination chat id.

The following syntaxes can also be used:

$InputUser = '@username'; // Username

$InputUser = 'me'; // The currently logged-in user

$InputUser = 44700; // bot API id (users)
$InputUser = -492772765; // bot API id (chats)
$InputUser = -10038575794; // bot API id (channels)

$InputUser = 'https://t.me/danogentili'; // t.me URLs
$InputUser = 'https://t.me/joinchat/asfln1-21fa_'; // t.me invite links

$InputUser = 'user#44700'; // tg-cli style id (users)
$InputUser = 'chat#492772765'; // tg-cli style id (chats)
$InputUser = 'channel#38575794'; // tg-cli style id (channels)

A Chat, a User, an InputPeer, an InputDialogPeer, an InputNotifyPeer, an InputUser, an InputChannel, a Peer, an DialogPeer, NotifyPeer, or a Chat object can also be used.

Possible values (constructors):





Methods that return an object of this type (methods):

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