Constructor: userFull

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Extended user info


Name Type Required Description
blocked Bool Optional Whether you have blocked this user
phone_calls_available Bool Optional Whether this user can make VoIP calls
phone_calls_private Bool Optional Whether this user’s privacy settings allow you to call him
can_pin_message Bool Optional Whether you can pin messages in the chat with this user, you can do this only for a chat with yourself
has_scheduled Bool Optional Whether scheduled messages are available
video_calls_available Bool Optional  
user User Optional Remaining user info
about string Optional Bio of the user
settings PeerSettings Yes Peer settings
profile_photo Photo Optional Profile photo
notify_settings PeerNotifySettings Yes Notification settings
bot_info BotInfo Optional For bots, info about the bot (bot commands, etc)
pinned_msg_id int Optional Pinned message ID, you can only pin messages in a chat with yourself
common_chats_count int Yes Chats in common with this user
folder_id int Optional Peer folder ID, for more info click here

Type: UserFull


$userFull = ['_' => 'userFull', 'blocked' => Bool, 'phone_calls_available' => Bool, 'phone_calls_private' => Bool, 'can_pin_message' => Bool, 'has_scheduled' => Bool, 'video_calls_available' => Bool, 'user' => User, 'about' => 'string', 'settings' => PeerSettings, 'profile_photo' => Photo, 'notify_settings' => PeerNotifySettings, 'bot_info' => BotInfo, 'pinned_msg_id' => int, 'common_chats_count' => int, 'folder_id' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

userFull={_='userFull', blocked=Bool, phone_calls_available=Bool, phone_calls_private=Bool, can_pin_message=Bool, has_scheduled=Bool, video_calls_available=Bool, user=User, about='string', settings=PeerSettings, profile_photo=Photo, notify_settings=PeerNotifySettings, bot_info=BotInfo, pinned_msg_id=int, common_chats_count=int, folder_id=int}

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