Constructor: user

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Name Type Required Description
self Bool Optional Self?
contact Bool Optional Contact?
mutual_contact Bool Optional Mutual contact?
deleted Bool Optional Deleted?
bot Bool Optional Bot?
bot_chat_history Bool Optional Bot chat history?
bot_nochats Bool Optional Bot nochats?
verified Bool Optional Verified?
restricted Bool Optional Restricted?
min Bool Optional Min?
bot_inline_geo Bool Optional Bot inline geo?
support Bool Optional Is this a support user?
scam Bool Optional Scam?
id int Yes ID
access_hash long Optional Access hash
first_name string Optional First name
last_name string Optional Last name
username string Optional Username
phone string Optional Phone
photo UserProfilePhoto Optional Photo
status UserStatus Optional Status
bot_info_version int Optional Bot info version
restriction_reason string Optional Restriction reason
bot_inline_placeholder string Optional Bot inline placeholder
lang_code string Optional Lang code

Type: User


$user = ['_' => 'user', 'self' => Bool, 'contact' => Bool, 'mutual_contact' => Bool, 'deleted' => Bool, 'bot' => Bool, 'bot_chat_history' => Bool, 'bot_nochats' => Bool, 'verified' => Bool, 'restricted' => Bool, 'min' => Bool, 'bot_inline_geo' => Bool, 'support' => Bool, 'scam' => Bool, 'id' => int, 'access_hash' => long, 'first_name' => 'string', 'last_name' => 'string', 'username' => 'string', 'phone' => 'string', 'photo' => UserProfilePhoto, 'status' => UserStatus, 'bot_info_version' => int, 'restriction_reason' => 'string', 'bot_inline_placeholder' => 'string', 'lang_code' => 'string'];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

user={_='user', self=Bool, contact=Bool, mutual_contact=Bool, deleted=Bool, bot=Bool, bot_chat_history=Bool, bot_nochats=Bool, verified=Bool, restricted=Bool, min=Bool, bot_inline_geo=Bool, support=Bool, scam=Bool, id=int, access_hash=long, first_name='string', last_name='string', username='string', phone='string', photo=UserProfilePhoto, status=UserStatus, bot_info_version=int, restriction_reason='string', bot_inline_placeholder='string', lang_code='string'}

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