Constructor: updateShortSentMessage

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Shortened constructor containing info on one outgoing message to a contact (the destination chat has to be extracted from the method call that returned this object).


Name Type Required Description
out Bool Optional Whether the message is outgoing
id int Yes ID of the sent message
pts int Yes PTS
pts_count int Yes PTS count
date int Yes date
media MessageMedia Optional Attached media
entities Array of MessageEntity Optional Entities for styled text

Type: Updates


$updateShortSentMessage = ['_' => 'updateShortSentMessage', 'out' => Bool, 'id' => int, 'pts' => int, 'pts_count' => int, 'date' => int, 'media' => MessageMedia, 'entities' => [MessageEntity, MessageEntity]];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

updateShortSentMessage={_='updateShortSentMessage', out=Bool, id=int, pts=int, pts_count=int, date=int, media=MessageMedia, entities={MessageEntity}}

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