Constructor: message

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A message


Name Type Required Description
out Bool Optional Is this an outgoing message
mentioned Bool Optional Whether we were mentioned in this message
media_unread Bool Optional Whether there are unread media attachments in this message
silent Bool Optional Whether this is a silent message (no notification triggered)
post Bool Optional Whether this is a channel post
from_scheduled Bool Optional Whether this is a scheduled post
legacy Bool Optional This is a legacy message: it has to be refetched with the new layer
edit_hide Bool Optional Whether the message should be shown as not modified to the user, even if an edit date is present
id int Yes ID of the message
from_id int Optional ID of the sender of the message
to_id Peer Yes ID of the chat were the message was sent
fwd_from MessageFwdHeader Optional Info about forwarded messages
via_bot_id int Optional ID of the inline bot that generated the message
reply_to_msg_id int Optional ID of the message this message replies to
date int Yes Date of the message
message string Yes The message
media MessageMedia Optional Media attachment
reply_markup ReplyMarkup Optional Reply markup (bot/inline keyboards)
entities Array of MessageEntity Optional Message entities for styled text
views int Optional View count for channel posts
edit_date int Optional Last edit date of this message
post_author string Optional Name of the author of this message for channel posts (with signatures enabled)
grouped_id long Optional Multiple media messages sent using messages.sendMultiMedia with the same grouped ID indicate an album
restriction_reason Array of RestrictionReason Optional Contains the reason why access to this message must be restricted.

Type: Message


$message = ['_' => 'message', 'out' => Bool, 'mentioned' => Bool, 'media_unread' => Bool, 'silent' => Bool, 'post' => Bool, 'from_scheduled' => Bool, 'legacy' => Bool, 'edit_hide' => Bool, 'id' => int, 'from_id' => int, 'to_id' => Peer, 'fwd_from' => MessageFwdHeader, 'via_bot_id' => int, 'reply_to_msg_id' => int, 'date' => int, 'message' => 'string', 'media' => MessageMedia, 'reply_markup' => ReplyMarkup, 'entities' => [MessageEntity, MessageEntity], 'views' => int, 'edit_date' => int, 'post_author' => 'string', 'grouped_id' => long, 'restriction_reason' => [RestrictionReason, RestrictionReason]];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

message={_='message', out=Bool, mentioned=Bool, media_unread=Bool, silent=Bool, post=Bool, from_scheduled=Bool, legacy=Bool, edit_hide=Bool, id=int, from_id=int, to_id=Peer, fwd_from=MessageFwdHeader, via_bot_id=int, reply_to_msg_id=int, date=int, message='string', media=MessageMedia, reply_markup=ReplyMarkup, entities={MessageEntity}, views=int, edit_date=int, post_author='string', grouped_id=long, restriction_reason={RestrictionReason}}

Usage of reply_markup

You can provide bot API reply_markup objects here.

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