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Constructor: documentAttributeVideo

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Defines a video


round_messageBoolOptionalWhether this is a round video
supports_streamingBoolOptionalWhether the video supports streaming
nosoundBoolOptionalWhether the specified document is a video file with no audio tracks (a GIF animation (even as MPEG4), for example)
durationdoubleOptionalDuration in seconds
wintOptionalVideo width
hintOptionalVideo height
preload_prefix_sizeintOptionalNumber of bytes to preload when preloading videos (particularly video stories).

Type: DocumentAttribute


$documentAttributeVideo = ['_' => 'documentAttributeVideo', 'round_message' => Bool, 'supports_streaming' => Bool, 'nosound' => Bool, 'duration' => double, 'w' => int, 'h' => int, 'preload_prefix_size' => int];