Constructor: decryptedMessageMediaDocument_45

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Document attached to a message in a secret chat.


Name Type Required Description
thumb bytes Yes Thumbnail-file contents (JPEG-file, quality 55, set in a 90x90 square)
thumb_w int Yes Thumbnail width
thumb_h int Yes Thumbnail height
mime_type string Yes File MIME-type
size int Yes Document size
attributes Array of DocumentAttribute Yes Document attributes for media types
caption string Yes Caption

Type: DecryptedMessageMedia


$decryptedMessageMediaDocument_45 = ['_' => 'decryptedMessageMediaDocument', 'thumb' => 'bytes', 'thumb_w' => int, 'thumb_h' => int, 'mime_type' => 'string', 'size' => int, 'attributes' => [DocumentAttribute, DocumentAttribute], 'caption' => 'string'];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

decryptedMessageMediaDocument_45={_='decryptedMessageMediaDocument', thumb='bytes', thumb_w=int, thumb_h=int, mime_type='string', size=int, attributes={DocumentAttribute}, caption='string'}

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