# Constructor: autoDownloadSettings

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Autodownload settings

# Attributes:

Name Type Required Description
disabled Bool Optional Disable automatic media downloads?
video_preload_large Bool Optional Whether to preload the first seconds of videos larger than the specified limit
audio_preload_next Bool Optional Whether to preload the next audio track when you’re listening to music
phonecalls_less_data Bool Optional Whether to enable data saving mode in phone calls
photo_size_max int Yes Maximum size of photos to preload
video_size_max int Yes Maximum size of videos to preload
file_size_max int Yes Maximum size of other files to preload
video_upload_maxbitrate int Yes Maximum suggested bitrate for uploading videos

# Type: AutoDownloadSettings

# Example:

$autoDownloadSettings = ['_' => 'autoDownloadSettings', 'disabled' => Bool, 'video_preload_large' => Bool, 'audio_preload_next' => Bool, 'phonecalls_less_data' => Bool, 'photo_size_max' => int, 'video_size_max' => int, 'file_size_max' => int, 'video_upload_maxbitrate' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

autoDownloadSettings={_='autoDownloadSettings', disabled=Bool, video_preload_large=Bool, audio_preload_next=Bool, phonecalls_less_data=Bool, photo_size_max=int, video_size_max=int, file_size_max=int, video_upload_maxbitrate=int}

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