Constructor: wallPaperSettings

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Wallpaper settings


Name Type Required Description
blur Bool Optional If set, the wallpaper must be downscaled to fit in 450x450 square and then box-blurred with radius 12
motion Bool Optional If set, the background needs to be slightly moved when device is rotated
background_color int Optional If set, a PNG pattern is to be combined with the color chosen by the user: the main color of the background in RGB24 format
intensity int Optional Intensity of the pattern when it is shown above the main background color, 0-100

Type: WallPaperSettings


$wallPaperSettings = ['_' => 'wallPaperSettings', 'blur' => Bool, 'motion' => Bool, 'background_color' => int, 'intensity' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

wallPaperSettings={_='wallPaperSettings', blur=Bool, motion=Bool, background_color=int, intensity=int}

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