Constructor: updates.channelDifference

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The new updates


Name Type Required Description
final Bool Optional Whether there are more updates to be fetched using getDifference, starting from the provided pts
pts int Yes The PTS from which to start getting updates the next time
timeout int Optional Clients are supposed to refetch the channel difference after timeout seconds have elapsed
new_messages Array of Message Yes New messages
other_updates Array of Update Yes Other updates
chats Array of Chat Yes Chats
users Array of User Yes Users

Type: updates.ChannelDifference


$updates.channelDifference = ['_' => 'updates.channelDifference', 'final' => Bool, 'pts' => int, 'timeout' => int, 'new_messages' => [Message, Message], 'other_updates' => [Update, Update], 'chats' => [Chat, Chat], 'users' => [User, User]];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

updates.channelDifference={_='updates.channelDifference', final=Bool, pts=int, timeout=int, new_messages={Message}, other_updates={Update}, chats={Chat}, users={User}}

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