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Constructor: updateBotChatInviteRequester

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Someone has requested to join a chat or channel (bots only, users will receive an updatePendingJoinRequests, instead)


peerPeerYesThe chat or channel in question
dateintYesWhen was the join request » made
user_idlongYesThe user ID that is asking to join the chat or channel
aboutstringYesBio of the user
inviteExportedChatInviteYesChat invite link that was used by the user to send the join request »
qtsintYesQTS event sequence identifier

Type: Update


$updateBotChatInviteRequester = ['_' => 'updateBotChatInviteRequester', 'peer' => Peer, 'date' => int, 'user_id' => long, 'about' => 'string', 'invite' => ExportedChatInvite, 'qts' => int];