Constructor: poll

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Name Type Required Description
id long Yes ID of the poll
closed Bool Optional Whether the poll is closed and doesn’t accept any more answers
public_voters Bool Optional Whether cast votes are publicly visible to all users (non-anonymous poll)
multiple_choice Bool Optional Whether multiple options can be chosen as answer
quiz Bool Optional Whether this is a quiz (with wrong and correct answers, results shown in the return type)
question string Yes The question of the poll
answers Array of PollAnswer Yes The possible answers, vote using messages.sendVote.
close_period int Optional Amount of time in seconds the poll will be active after creation, 5-600. Can’t be used together with close_date.
close_date int Optional Point in time (Unix timestamp) when the poll will be automatically closed. Must be at least 5 and no more than 600 seconds in the future; can’t be used together with open_period.

Type: Poll


$poll = ['_' => 'poll', 'id' => long, 'closed' => Bool, 'public_voters' => Bool, 'multiple_choice' => Bool, 'quiz' => Bool, 'question' => 'string', 'answers' => [PollAnswer, PollAnswer], 'close_period' => int, 'close_date' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

poll={_='poll', id=long, closed=Bool, public_voters=Bool, multiple_choice=Bool, quiz=Bool, question='string', answers={PollAnswer}, close_period=int, close_date=int}

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