# Constructor: phoneCallProtocol

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Protocol info for libtgvoip

# Attributes:

Name Type Required Description
udp_p2p Bool Optional Whether to allow P2P connection to the other participant
udp_reflector Bool Optional Whether to allow connection to the other participants through the reflector servers
min_layer int Yes Minimum layer for remote libtgvoip
max_layer int Yes Maximum layer for remote libtgvoip
library_versions Array of string Yes When using phone.requestCall and phone.acceptCall, specify all library versions supported by the client.
The server will merge and choose the best library version supported by both peers, returning only the best value in the result of the callee’s phone.acceptCall and in the phoneCallAccepted update received by the caller.

# Type: PhoneCallProtocol

# Example:

$phoneCallProtocol = ['_' => 'phoneCallProtocol', 'udp_p2p' => Bool, 'udp_reflector' => Bool, 'min_layer' => int, 'max_layer' => int, 'library_versions' => ['string', 'string']];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

phoneCallProtocol={_='phoneCallProtocol', udp_p2p=Bool, udp_reflector=Bool, min_layer=int, max_layer=int, library_versions={'string'}}

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