Constructor: phoneCallDiscarded

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Indicates a discarded phone call


Name Type Required Description
need_rating Bool Optional Whether the server required the user to rate the call
need_debug Bool Optional Whether the server required the client to send the libtgvoip call debug data
video Bool Optional Whether the call was a video call
id long Yes Call ID
reason PhoneCallDiscardReason Optional Why was the phone call discarded
duration int Optional Duration of the phone call in seconds

Type: PhoneCall


$phoneCallDiscarded = ['_' => 'phoneCallDiscarded', 'need_rating' => Bool, 'need_debug' => Bool, 'video' => Bool, 'id' => long, 'reason' => PhoneCallDiscardReason, 'duration' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

phoneCallDiscarded={_='phoneCallDiscarded', need_rating=Bool, need_debug=Bool, video=Bool, id=long, reason=PhoneCallDiscardReason, duration=int}

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