Constructor: phoneCall

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Phone call


Name Type Required Description
p2p_allowed Bool Optional Whether P2P connection to the other peer is allowed
video Bool Optional  
id long Yes Call ID
access_hash long Yes Access hash
date int Yes Date of creation of the call
admin_id int Yes User ID of the creator of the call
participant_id int Yes User ID of the other participant in the call
g_a_or_b bytes Yes Parameter for key exchange
key_fingerprint long Yes Key fingerprint
protocol PhoneCallProtocol Yes Call protocol info to be passed to libtgvoip
connections Array of PhoneConnection Yes List of endpoints the user can connect to to exchange call data
start_date int Yes When was the call actually started

Type: PhoneCall


$phoneCall = ['_' => 'phoneCall', 'p2p_allowed' => Bool, 'video' => Bool, 'id' => long, 'access_hash' => long, 'date' => int, 'admin_id' => int, 'participant_id' => int, 'g_a_or_b' => 'bytes', 'key_fingerprint' => long, 'protocol' => PhoneCallProtocol, 'connections' => [PhoneConnection, PhoneConnection], 'start_date' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

phoneCall={_='phoneCall', p2p_allowed=Bool, video=Bool, id=long, access_hash=long, date=int, admin_id=int, participant_id=int, g_a_or_b='bytes', key_fingerprint=long, protocol=PhoneCallProtocol, connections={PhoneConnection}, start_date=int}

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