Constructor: pageTableCell

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Table cell


Name Type Required Description
header Bool Optional Is this element part of the column header
align_center Bool Optional Horizontally centered block
align_right Bool Optional Right-aligned block
valign_middle Bool Optional Vertically centered block
valign_bottom Bool Optional Block vertically-alligned to the bottom
text RichText Optional Content
colspan int Optional For how many columns should this cell extend
rowspan int Optional For how many rows should this cell extend

Type: PageTableCell


$pageTableCell = ['_' => 'pageTableCell', 'header' => Bool, 'align_center' => Bool, 'align_right' => Bool, 'valign_middle' => Bool, 'valign_bottom' => Bool, 'text' => RichText, 'colspan' => int, 'rowspan' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

pageTableCell={_='pageTableCell', header=Bool, align_center=Bool, align_right=Bool, valign_middle=Bool, valign_bottom=Bool, text=RichText, colspan=int, rowspan=int}

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