Constructor: page

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Instant view page


Name Type Required Description
part Bool Optional Indicates that not full page preview is available to the client and it will need to fetch full Instant View from the server using messages.getWebPagePreview.
rtl Bool Optional Whether the page contains RTL text
v2 Bool Optional Whether this is an IV v2 page
url string Yes Original page HTTP URL
blocks Array of PageBlock Yes Page elements (like with HTML elements, only as TL constructors)
photos Array of Photo Yes Photos in page
documents Array of Document Yes Media in page
views int Optional Viewcount

Type: Page


$page = ['_' => 'page', 'part' => Bool, 'rtl' => Bool, 'v2' => Bool, 'url' => 'string', 'blocks' => [PageBlock, PageBlock], 'photos' => [Photo, Photo], 'documents' => [Document, Document], 'views' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

page={_='page', part=Bool, rtl=Bool, v2=Bool, url='string', blocks={PageBlock}, photos={Photo}, documents={Document}, views=int}

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