Constructor: messages.votesList

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How users voted in a poll


Name Type Required Description
count int Yes Total number of votes for all options (or only for the chosen option, if provided to messages.getPollVotes)
votes Array of MessageUserVote Yes Vote info for each user
users Array of User Yes Info about users that voted in the poll
next_offset string Optional Offset to use with the next messages.getPollVotes request, empty string if no more results are available.

Type: messages.VotesList


$messages.votesList = ['_' => 'messages.votesList', 'count' => int, 'votes' => [MessageUserVote, MessageUserVote], 'users' => [User, User], 'next_offset' => 'string'];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

messages.votesList={_='messages.votesList', count=int, votes={MessageUserVote}, users={User}, next_offset='string'}

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