# Constructor: inputMediaUploadedDocument

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New document

# Attributes:

Name Type Required Description
nosound_video Bool Optional Whether the specified document is a video file with no audio tracks (a GIF animation (even as MPEG4), for example)
force_file Bool Optional  
file File path or InputFile Yes The uploaded file
thumb File path or InputFile Optional Thumbnail of the document, uploaded as for the file
mime_type string Optional MIME type of document
attributes Array of DocumentAttribute Yes Attributes that specify the type of the document (video, audio, voice, sticker, etc.)
stickers Array of MessageMedia, Message, Update or InputDocument Optional Attached stickers
ttl_seconds int Optional Time to live in seconds of self-destructing document

# Type: InputMedia

# Example:

$inputMediaUploadedDocument = ['_' => 'inputMediaUploadedDocument', 'nosound_video' => Bool, 'force_file' => Bool, 'file' => InputFile, 'thumb' => InputFile, 'mime_type' => 'string', 'attributes' => [DocumentAttribute, DocumentAttribute], 'stickers' => [InputDocument, InputDocument], 'ttl_seconds' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

inputMediaUploadedDocument={_='inputMediaUploadedDocument', nosound_video=Bool, force_file=Bool, file=InputFile, thumb=InputFile, mime_type='string', attributes={DocumentAttribute}, stickers={InputDocument}, ttl_seconds=int}

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