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Constructor: inputMediaUploadedDocument

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New document


nosound_videoBoolOptionalWhether the specified document is a video file with no audio tracks (a GIF animation (even as MPEG4), for example)
force_fileBoolOptionalForce the media file to be uploaded as document
spoilerBoolOptionalWhether this media should be hidden behind a spoiler warning
fileFile path or InputFileYesThe uploaded file
thumbFile path or InputFileOptionalThumbnail of the document, uploaded as for the file
mime_typestringOptionalMIME type of document
attributesArray of DocumentAttributeYesAttributes that specify the type of the document (video, audio, voice, sticker, etc.)
stickersArray of MessageMedia, Message, Update or InputDocumentOptionalAttached stickers
ttl_secondsintOptionalTime to live in seconds of self-destructing document

Type: InputMedia


$inputMediaUploadedDocument = ['_' => 'inputMediaUploadedDocument', 'nosound_video' => Bool, 'force_file' => Bool, 'spoiler' => Bool, 'file' => InputFile, 'thumb' => InputFile, 'mime_type' => 'string', 'attributes' => [DocumentAttribute, DocumentAttribute], 'stickers' => [InputDocument, InputDocument], 'ttl_seconds' => int];