Constructor: inputEncryptedFileUploaded

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Sets new encrypted file saved by parts using upload.saveFilePart method.


Name Type Required Description
id long Yes Random file ID created by clien
parts int Yes Number of saved parts
md5_checksum string Yes In case md5-HASH of the (already encrypted) file was transmitted, file content will be checked prior to use
key_fingerprint int Yes 32-bit fingerprint of the key used to encrypt a file

Type: InputEncryptedFile


$inputEncryptedFileUploaded = ['_' => 'inputEncryptedFileUploaded', 'id' => long, 'parts' => int, 'md5_checksum' => 'string', 'key_fingerprint' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

inputEncryptedFileUploaded={_='inputEncryptedFileUploaded', id=long, parts=int, md5_checksum='string', key_fingerprint=int}

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