Constructor: dialogFolder

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Dialog in folder


Name Type Required Description
pinned Bool Optional Is this folder pinned
folder Folder Yes The folder
peer Peer Yes Peer in folder
top_message int Yes Latest message ID of dialog
unread_muted_peers_count int Yes Number of unread muted peers in folder
unread_unmuted_peers_count int Yes Number of unread unmuted peers in folder
unread_muted_messages_count int Yes Number of unread messages from muted peers in folder
unread_unmuted_messages_count int Yes Number of unread messages from unmuted peers in folder

Type: Dialog


$dialogFolder = ['_' => 'dialogFolder', 'pinned' => Bool, 'folder' => Folder, 'peer' => Peer, 'top_message' => int, 'unread_muted_peers_count' => int, 'unread_unmuted_peers_count' => int, 'unread_muted_messages_count' => int, 'unread_unmuted_messages_count' => int];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

dialogFolder={_='dialogFolder', pinned=Bool, folder=Folder, peer=Peer, top_message=int, unread_muted_peers_count=int, unread_unmuted_peers_count=int, unread_muted_messages_count=int, unread_unmuted_messages_count=int}

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