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Constructor: chatInviteExported

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Exported chat invite


revokedBoolOptionalWhether this chat invite was revoked
permanentBoolOptionalWhether this chat invite has no expiration
request_neededBoolOptionalWhether users importing this invite link will have to be approved to join the channel or group
linkstringYesChat invitation link
admin_idlongYesID of the admin that created this chat invite
dateintYesWhen was this chat invite created
start_dateintOptionalWhen was this chat invite last modified
expire_dateintOptionalWhen does this chat invite expire
usage_limitintOptionalMaximum number of users that can join using this link
usageintOptionalHow many users joined using this link
requestedintOptionalNumber of users that have already used this link to join
titlestringOptionalCustom description for the invite link, visible only to admins

Type: ExportedChatInvite


$chatInviteExported = ['_' => 'chatInviteExported', 'revoked' => Bool, 'permanent' => Bool, 'request_needed' => Bool, 'link' => 'string', 'admin_id' => long, 'date' => int, 'start_date' => int, 'expire_date' => int, 'usage_limit' => int, 'usage' => int, 'requested' => int, 'title' => 'string'];