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Constructor: chatInvite

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Chat invite info


channelBoolOptionalWhether this is a channel/supergroup or a normal group
broadcastBoolOptionalWhether this is a channel
publicBoolOptionalWhether this is a public channel/supergroup
megagroupBoolOptionalWhether this is a supergroup
request_neededBoolOptionalWhether the join request » must be first approved by an administrator
titlestringYesChat/supergroup/channel title
aboutstringOptionalDescription of the group of channel
photoPhotoOptionalChat/supergroup/channel photo
participants_countintYesParticipant count
participantsArray of UserOptionalA few of the participants that are in the group

Type: ChatInvite


$chatInvite = ['_' => 'chatInvite', 'channel' => Bool, 'broadcast' => Bool, 'public' => Bool, 'megagroup' => Bool, 'request_needed' => Bool, 'title' => 'string', 'about' => 'string', 'photo' => Photo, 'participants_count' => int, 'participants' => [User, User]];