Constructor: chat

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Name Type Required Description
creator Bool Optional Creator?
kicked Bool Optional Kicked?
left Bool Optional Left?
deactivated Bool Optional Deactivated?
id int Yes ID
title string Yes Title
photo ChatPhoto Optional Photo
participants_count int Yes Participants count
date int Yes Date
version int Yes Version
migrated_to InputChannel Optional Migrated to
admin_rights ChatAdminRights Optional Admin rights of current user
default_banned_rights ChatBannedRights Optional Global chat banned rights

Type: Chat


$chat = ['_' => 'chat', 'creator' => Bool, 'kicked' => Bool, 'left' => Bool, 'deactivated' => Bool, 'id' => int, 'title' => 'string', 'photo' => ChatPhoto, 'participants_count' => int, 'date' => int, 'version' => int, 'migrated_to' => InputChannel, 'admin_rights' => ChatAdminRights, 'default_banned_rights' => ChatBannedRights];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

chat={_='chat', creator=Bool, kicked=Bool, left=Bool, deactivated=Bool, id=int, title='string', photo=ChatPhoto, participants_count=int, date=int, version=int, migrated_to=InputChannel, admin_rights=ChatAdminRights, default_banned_rights=ChatBannedRights}

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