Constructor: channelParticipantAdmin

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Channel participant admin


Name Type Required Description
can_edit Bool Optional Can edit?
self Bool Optional Is this the current user?
user_id int Yes User ID
inviter_id int Optional Inviter ID
promoted_by int Yes Promoted by
date int Yes Date
admin_rights ChatAdminRights Yes Admin rights

Type: ChannelParticipant


$channelParticipantAdmin = ['_' => 'channelParticipantAdmin', 'can_edit' => Bool, 'self' => Bool, 'user_id' => int, 'inviter_id' => int, 'promoted_by' => int, 'date' => int, 'admin_rights' => ChatAdminRights];

PWRTelegram json-encoded version:

{"_": "channelParticipantAdmin", "can_edit": Bool, "self": Bool, "user_id": int, "inviter_id": int, "promoted_by": int, "date": int, "admin_rights": ChatAdminRights}

Or, if you’re into Lua:

channelParticipantAdmin={_='channelParticipantAdmin', can_edit=Bool, self=Bool, user_id=int, inviter_id=int, promoted_by=int, date=int, admin_rights=ChatAdminRights}