Constructor: updateBotInlineSend

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The result of an inline query that was chosen by a user and sent to their chat partner. Please see our documentation on the feedback collecting for details on how to enable these updates for your bot.


Name Type Required Description
user_id int Yes The user that chose the result
query string Yes The query that was used to obtain the result
geo GeoPoint Optional Optional. Sender location, only for bots that require user location
id string Yes The unique identifier for the result that was chosen
msg_id InputBotInlineMessageID Optional Identifier of the sent inline message. Available only if there is an inline keyboard attached to the message. Will be also received in callback queries and can be used to edit the message.

Type: Update


$updateBotInlineSend = ['_' => 'updateBotInlineSend', 'user_id' => int, 'query' => 'string', 'geo' => GeoPoint, 'id' => 'string', 'msg_id' => InputBotInlineMessageID];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

updateBotInlineSend={_='updateBotInlineSend', user_id=int, query='string', geo=GeoPoint, id='string', msg_id=InputBotInlineMessageID}

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