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Constructor: sponsoredMessage

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A sponsored message.


from_idPeerOptionalID of the sender of the message
chat_inviteChatInviteOptionalInformation about the chat invite hash specified in chat_invite_hash
chat_invite_hashstringOptionalChat invite
channel_postintOptionalOptional link to a channel post if from_id points to a channel
start_paramstringOptionalParameter for the bot start message if the sponsored chat is a chat with a bot.
messagestringYesSponsored message
entitiesArray of MessageEntityOptionalMessage entities for styled text

Type: SponsoredMessage


$sponsoredMessage = ['_' => 'sponsoredMessage', 'recommended' => Bool, 'from_id' => Peer, 'chat_invite' => ChatInvite, 'chat_invite_hash' => 'string', 'channel_post' => int, 'start_param' => 'string', 'message' => 'string', 'entities' => [MessageEntity, MessageEntity]];