Constructor: restrictionReason

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Restriction reason.

Contains the reason why access to a certain object must be restricted. Clients are supposed to deny access to the channel if the platform field is equal to all or to the current platform (ios, android, wp, etc.). Platforms can be concatenated (ios-android, ios-wp), unknown platforms are to be ignored. The text is the error message that should be shown to the user.


Name Type Required Description
platform string Yes Platform identifier (ios, android, wp, all, etc.), can be concatenated with a dash as separator (android-ios, ios-wp, etc)
reason string Yes Restriction reason (porno, terms, etc.)
text string Yes Error message to be shown to the user

Type: RestrictionReason


$restrictionReason = ['_' => 'restrictionReason', 'platform' => 'string', 'reason' => 'string', 'text' => 'string'];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

restrictionReason={_='restrictionReason', platform='string', reason='string', text='string'}

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