Constructor: help.termsOfServiceUpdate

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Info about an update of telegram’s terms of service. If the terms of service are declined, then the account.deleteAccount method should be called with the reason “Decline ToS update”


Name Type Required Description
expires int Yes New TOS updates will have to be queried using help.getTermsOfServiceUpdate in expires seconds
terms_of_service help.TermsOfService Yes New terms of service

Type: help.TermsOfServiceUpdate


$help.termsOfServiceUpdate = ['_' => 'help.termsOfServiceUpdate', 'expires' => int, 'terms_of_service' => help.TermsOfService];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

help.termsOfServiceUpdate={_='help.termsOfServiceUpdate', expires=int, terms_of_service=help.TermsOfService}

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