Constructor: decryptedMessage_73

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Contents of an encrypted message.


Name Type Required Description
ttl int Yes Message lifetime. Has higher priority than decryptedMessageActionSetMessageTTL.
Parameter added in Layer 17.
message string Yes Message text
media DecryptedMessageMedia Optional Media content
entities Array of MessageEntity Optional Message entities for styled text (parameter added in layer 45)
via_bot_name string Optional Specifies the ID of the inline bot that generated the message (parameter added in layer 45)
reply_to_random_id long Optional Random message ID of the message this message replies to (parameter added in layer 45)
grouped_id long Optional Random group ID, assigned by the author of message.
Multiple encrypted messages with a photo attached and with the same group ID indicate an album (parameter added in layer 45)

Type: DecryptedMessage


$decryptedMessage_73 = ['_' => 'decryptedMessage', 'ttl' => int, 'message' => 'string', 'media' => DecryptedMessageMedia, 'entities' => [MessageEntity, MessageEntity], 'via_bot_name' => 'string', 'reply_to_random_id' => long, 'grouped_id' => long];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

decryptedMessage_73={_='decryptedMessage', ttl=int, message='string', media=DecryptedMessageMedia, entities={MessageEntity}, via_bot_name='string', reply_to_random_id=long, grouped_id=long}

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