Constructor: account.authorizationForm

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Telegram Passport authorization form


Name Type Required Description
required_types Array of SecureRequiredType Yes Required Telegram Passport documents
values Array of SecureValue Yes Already submitted Telegram Passport documents
errors Array of SecureValueError Yes Telegram Passport errors
users Array of User Yes Info about the bot to which the form will be submitted
privacy_policy_url string Optional URL of the service’s privacy policy

Type: account.AuthorizationForm


$account.authorizationForm = ['_' => 'account.authorizationForm', 'required_types' => [SecureRequiredType, SecureRequiredType], 'values' => [SecureValue, SecureValue], 'errors' => [SecureValueError, SecureValueError], 'users' => [User, User], 'privacy_policy_url' => 'string'];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

account.authorizationForm={_='account.authorizationForm', required_types={SecureRequiredType}, values={SecureValue}, errors={SecureValueError}, users={User}, privacy_policy_url='string'}

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