# MadelineProto, a PHP MTProto telegram client

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Created by Daniil Gentili

Do join the official channel, @MadelineProto and the support groups!

Now with Telegram TON blockchain integration!

Approved by Telegram!

# What’s this?

This library can be used to easily interact with Telegram without the bot API, just like the official apps.

It can login with a phone number (MTProto API), or with a bot token (MTProto API, no bot API involved!).

It is now fully async!

# Getting started (now fully async!)


if (!file_exists('madeline.php')) {
    copy('https://phar.madelineproto.xyz/madeline.php', 'madeline.php');
include 'madeline.php';

$MadelineProto = new \danog\MadelineProto\API('session.madeline');

$me = $MadelineProto->getSelf();


if (!$me['bot']) {
    $MadelineProto->messages->sendMessage(['peer' => '@danogentili', 'message' => "Hi!\nThanks for creating MadelineProto! <3"]);
    $MadelineProto->channels->joinChannel(['channel' => '@MadelineProto']);

    try {
        $MadelineProto->messages->importChatInvite(['hash' => 'https://t.me/joinchat/Bgrajz6K-aJKu0IpGsLpBg']);
    } catch (\danog\MadelineProto\RPCErrorException $e) {

    $MadelineProto->messages->sendMessage(['peer' => 'https://t.me/joinchat/Bgrajz6K-aJKu0IpGsLpBg', 'message' => 'Testing MadelineProto!']);
$MadelineProto->echo('OK, done!');

Try this code now! or run this code in a browser or in a console.

Tip: if you receive an error (or nothing), send us the error message and the MadelineProto.log file that was created in the same directory (if running from a browser).

# Examples

You can find examples for nearly every MadelineProto function in

# Documentation

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