Constructor: secureValueErrorFiles

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Represents an issue with a list of scans. The error is considered resolved when the list of files containing the scans changes.


Name Type Required Description
type SecureValueType Yes One of secureValueTypeUtilityBill, secureValueTypeBankStatement, secureValueTypeRentalAgreement, secureValueTypePassportRegistration, secureValueTypeTemporaryRegistration
file_hash Array of bytes Yes File hash
text string Yes Error message

Type: SecureValueError


$secureValueErrorFiles = ['_' => 'secureValueErrorFiles', 'type' => SecureValueType, 'file_hash' => ['bytes', 'bytes'], 'text' => 'string'];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

secureValueErrorFiles={_='secureValueErrorFiles', type=SecureValueType, file_hash={'bytes'}, text='string'}

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